Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

Marcus Hauer ->

Director of Product Design at Babbel
Session Type
11:45 - 12:15

Many teams in tech struggle to find the right approaches to building good team culture. From simple rituals to new standards and processes, deliberate choices big and small can help teams be more collaborative and effective.

In Babbel’s design team, we’re taking a close look at ways to shape and scale our design practice so every team member feels supported and empowered to make a difference. In this talk, I’ll discuss how we’re helping our teams see design as an enabler for all things we do and make. Our design leadership group is tackling various topics to make this possible, from introducing more team-focused initiatives, to helping teams strike a balance so processes can help guide work without stifling creativity. I’ll provide a snapshot of our ongoing efforts and how we’re using an iterative approach to find the best ways to develop a great team culture across our organization.