Death to the brand guidelines PDF: How to design a corporate identity collaboratively

Janis Verzemnieks ->

Founder & Product Design Lead, Corebook°
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14:45 – 15:15

While branding and design are becoming more important than ever before across organizations and content is increasingly discovering new touchpoints, we still see fixed-format PDF brand guidelines rotating around. For modern branding teams, it’s obvious that existing brand book formats are not flexible enough to maintain consistency and collaboration in this fast-moving Insta stories and TikTok world.

Future is calling for everchanging brand identity systems, multisensory brand experiences, and multiple touchpoints. I call this #Brand2025 because I believe the year 2025 is when fixed-format PDF brand guidelines will become a thing of the past and modern branding teams will reshape how culturally relevant brands will be made, managed, and scaled.

Let’s dive into examples of what it could look like.