Design for Mental Health

Clive K. Lavery ->

Experience Design Lead,
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11:00 – 11:30
While mental health awareness has gained some traction recently, the design & tech space remains a hotbed of burnout, anxiety and depression.

In this talk Clive will be sharing some of his own lived experience with depression, learnings as a Mental Health First Aider and observations from talking to numerous industry figures about their struggles.
Now is the time to remove the stigma and shame attached to mental ill health once and for all, not least in an environment that talks an awful lot about empathy and putting people first.
Ultimately, what could me more human centered?

Disclaimer / trigger warning: The speaker is not a medical professional or qualified therapist. While this is a very personal talk on a highly sensitive topic there are traces of humor and sarcasm baked in.
If you feel that you are currently in a dark place or could be triggered by discussing mental health issues incl. suicidal thoughts this talk might not be right for you.