Design for Mental Health

Clive K Lavery ->

Experience Design Lead,
Session Type
In-Person Workshop
11:45 – 12:30

Requires to attend talk with the same name on the outdoor stage previously.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn about common mental health conditions and first steps you can take when noticing changes in your own behaviour or that of your colleagues and team members. Clive will share some learnings from his own lived experience with depression, his certification as a Mental Health First Aider and participants will also engage in exercises and discussions on how we might design environments that don’t make people burnt out, anxious or depressed in the first place.

Disclaimer / trigger warning: The speaker is not a medical
professional or qualified therapist. While this is a very personal talk
on a highly sensitive topic there are traces of humor and sarcasm baked
If you feel that you are currently in a dark place or could be
triggered by discussing mental health issues incl. suicidal thoughts
this talk might not be right for you.