The Blind Spot: Considering ethical aspects when designing human-machine interfaces

Dr. Stefan Brandenburg ->

Cognitive Psychologist
Session Type
In-Person Workshop
17:30 – 19:00

The short workshop will focus on ethical issues that may come up when designing digital human-machine interfaces (HMI) with a human centered perspective. Few ethical concepts that are relevant for HMI design will be presented briefly at the beginning of the workshop. Then best practices for some use cases will be developed that may support participants in addressing ethical aspects early and concomitantly in the development and evaluation of HMI.

Questions discussed will include:

  • What is ethics in the context of digital HMI development?
  • How can ethical challenges be identified?
  • What can be done about ethical challenges?

We will briefly introduce basic knowledge and tools. However, we will mainly try to shape the participants’ perspectives and reflect their experiences concerning ethical issues in HMI design. The workshop is closed with a sketch of a future perspective on ethics in HMI design.