The Making of an Inclusive Product: Your design is not enough, it’s time to drive change

Damien Senger ->

Team Lead Product Inclusivity,
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17:00 - 17:30

While 15% of the global population is having a disability of some sort, only 2% of the World’s top one million websites are offering a barrier free experience. I never met anybody aiming to make the Web less accessible or inclusive, so where is this gap coming from?

Let’s face it, the problem can be summarize with one simple word: accountability.

In most orgs, Product and UX teams are the voice of the customers, and should lead the fight. But in reality, this topic ends up relying on individual initiatives driven by individuals specialists.

If we want to drive the effort and create more inclusive products and services, it is time for design and product leaders to seize the topic and drive change in organizations.

For that, let’s get our hands dirty and accept that changes will not come without a change of mindset. Let’s explore how you to create a compelling vision and strategy that is not only relying on legal compliancy and learn to be drivers of change in our organizations.